Monday, April 17, 2017

Suite Beginning With Photos

~:Suite Beginning!:~

We have 2 task to complete.

1 "Go to starplaza (Shop) to get a new piece of furniture in decor.
2. "Redo your suite (with your new decor).

As you can see you can only pick between the 4 decor shops as you might be new...
but if you get more starpoints they will be unlocked.
I'll go to Basics.
Basics is life simple decor and they have 8 pages to view and see what you may love to get.. but it will cost you starcoins.
The purple coins... not the gold coins.

I'm going with the cupcakes on the stand
(60 starcoins)
(Basics Decor)
(Page 7)
That completes step 1.
Step 2 if you forget 

We just go to our suite after we bought our decor piece from basics & unpack it. and place it in one of our two rooms.
It will be in this big purple box... just unpack it and you have your decor,
you can place it how ever you like... it's your place.

Don't for get to save the room.
Rewards for the task will be 6 starpoints & 50 starcoins
By now you should be LVL 4

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